Pyatkovka Roman . Apartment 20

Hardcover / with printed OBI / Aprox. 21 x 25 cm / 120 Pages B/W and Color

"Apartment 20" – the book of Kharkiv photographer Roman Pyatkovka with the pictures that were taken in the soviet and post-soviet period: from the eighties to nineties. The edition is an attempt to comprehend this period through the concepts corporality, and sexuality; and to tell about it by the means of visual art.

"...Apartment 20 is a commonplace, a topos, which is cognate with utopia. It is a utopia and a dream about freedom. This dream sees the space of freedom finally exceed the bounds of the apartment. It is enough, one would suppose, to loose the pressure of censorship for the real unbounded freedom to step in. The freedom of expression, above all: so that nothing would impede the reflection about all the expreience of the previous years, when the actual meaning always seemed to slip out. However, as it turned out later, precisely the tension of prohibition used to be the most productive force for actualizing the potential of trangression. "

text from the book by Oleksandra Nabieva

The book includes 6 series by Pyatkovka: Adultery, Bitch Love, Schemes, Games of Libido, Games of Naked, Sameness of Variety.

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