Turunen Pekka . Special Edition Against the Wall Book+Print Ed.1-5


"Turunen makes formal portraits of the inhabitants of North Karelia in Eastern Finland in their own homes, taking care to give an idea of their surroundings, both interior and exterior. The portraits maintain a distance, but the wealth of detail contained in the imagery reveals not only clues to the subjects’ social situation, but also to their psychological existence, which is not on he whole a comfortable one" Martin Parr, Gerry Badger, The Photobook A History∶Volume II, Phaidon, 2006, p.78

Sowohl Originalprint wie auch das Buch sind signiert und nummeriert von 1-5. Der Print ist frei wählbar unter den Motiven des Buches.

Book and print are both signed and numbered specially for this edition of 1-5. Print is free choosable from the "Against the Wall" series

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