Tillmans Wolfgang . Lighter

German, English / 400 pp / 146 ills. / clothbound / 25.60 x 30.70 cm /

Over the past few years, abstraction has gained considerable importance in the multifaceted oeuvre of Turner Prize–recipient Wolfgang Tillmans (*1968 in Remscheid). Following Blushes, the monumental Freischwimmer series, and the monochromatic Silver series, his most recent abstract works—of which the creased and folded Lighter series (starting in 2005) is the most significant—treat the photograph no longer as a reproductive medium, but as a material object. Tillmans’s paper drop photographs feature the actual prints in almost geometrical compositions that become practically tangible.

Constantly oscillating between photograph and object, these most recent works are assembled by Wolfgang Tillmans for the first time in this new book. Unprecedented in this publication is an extensive section of installation views, taken by Tillmans himself, thus enabling the reader to directly experience his visual cosmos as it was presented in recent exhibitions, including his last retrospective, seen at various venues in the United States.