BOWNIK . Disassembly

240 x 305 mm / 120 pages with colour illustrations + 12 pages in two colours /

As with all of Bownik's characteristic images, the photographs in the Disassembly (2012) series go beyond the surface. At first glance, these huge images of majestic tropical flowers are simply that - beautiful photographs of plants and flowers reminiscent of 19th-century botanical illustration. A closer look deepens that connection, the numbering of each individual part of the plant, the intricate web of tiny threads, tape and cellophane heightening the scientific quality of these specimens.

Bownik used traditional scientific methods to take each plant apart and put it back together again before recording the image in all its natural perfection, its hues of green, white, lilac, chartreuse and crimson even richer than in life, as rich as painstaking sketches drawn up by Darwin and others. Some plants sport clusters of multicoloured pins among their blooms - he proves he cannot help but playfully extend his reach with regard to his natural subject, pushing the task of photography further into the realm of artistic intervention. The series will be published as a collection in late 2013 by Mundi Publishing, in cooperation with fellow artist and art book publisher Honza Zamojski.