ÉCAL . ECAL Berlin Book Werkstatt

Produced in collaboration with C/O Berlin for the Book Days 2016 / Xerox printed / Staple bound / Each cover features a unique stencil and acrylic paint overlay /

To celebrate the launch of a new master's degree in photography at ECAL for 2016, the first year students worked together with Taiyo Onorato and Milo Keller (Head of Photography at ECAL) in Berlin for one week to produce a book about the city's architecture in turmoil.

Using the wide streets of Berlin as a blank canvas, the students were encouraged to interpret rather than document the spaces of the vast metropolis and build their own story of its distinctive character. The pictures depict the shift that Berlin has undergone from the perspective of unexpected encounters, vacant spaces, countless construction sites and shared revelations.

The book was printed and bound at Helmut Newton Foundation during the C/O Berlin Book Days, 29.9- 2.10.2016

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