edition of 100 / 22cm x 18cm / soft cover / 86 pages /

"VOID is an important concept in the eastern world and it is frequently referred to in many of the great Japanese literatures and art criticisms throughout history, including “Hōjōki” in 1212 by Kamono Chomei, “The Book of Tea” in 1906 by Tenshin Okakura and “In Praise of Shadows” in 1933 by Junichi Tanizaki. So I expected that this book would also show very serious and profound statements updated by two young artists, Kametani and Utagawa. It is, however, delightfully opposite from what I had anticipated. Their core idea is looseness and playfulness by avoiding a linear approach to the single-minded idea for what art should be. When I conducted an artist talk for “New Material” exhibition at Casemore Kirkeby Gallery last May, Utagawa explained he once wanted to become a lawyer and used to seek for absolute rightness, but he found there is really none, so he decided that he would rather regain the feelings of enjoyment and playfulness through his art practice. It seems to me that VOID is Kametani and Utagawa’s propaganda against today’s photo-art practice as approved by establishments like the art museums and educational institutions. I find their VOID refreshing and charming."

- Miwa Susuda

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