Modigh Hannah . Hurricane Season - Signed

Hardcover / Format: 261 x 295 /

Multi-award winning photographer Hannah Modigh has attracted attention for its shattering and penetrating depictions of people living in vulnerable situations. In his latest project Hurricane Season finds herself in the southern part of Louisiana in the United States. In this peculiar and flat plains live millions of America's poorest citizens. It is as if nature itself indicates the level of segregation - the lower the country is, the greater the proportion of vulnerable and poor.

Hurricanes which often cost people their lives affects recurring these areas, many times with heavy flooding. By Modighs poetic imagery gets the viewer a sense of how residents in different ways have adapted to their extreme environment. Even during the quieter periods are always the threat there, as a surface tension ready to crack.

Hannah Modigh are numerous awards for his previous projects Hillbilly Heroin , Honey and Sunday Mornin 'Comin' Down.

In the summer of 2016 Hannah Modigh a solo exhibition of images from the Hurricane Season of Photographic in Stockholm.