Fontcuberta Joan . TRAUMA signed

Hardcover / Pages: 92 / Color and B/W / Size: 23 cm x 31,5 cm / edition of 500 copies /


The book Trauma by Joan Fontcuberta has been awarded by PHotoEspaña 2016 as the  Best Book of 2016 in the category  National Photography. This is edited by María Cristina Masaveu Foundation, within the initiative of the fourth edition of “Miradas de Asturias” that promoves the Institution. Trauma is an artist´s book that brings fragments of photographs in traumatic state, recovered by Joan Fontcuberta in differents asturians photo librarys.

Joan Fontcuberta believes that images experiment an organic metabolism, born, grow, reproduce and die, to restart the cycle of life. Trauma proposes the idea  about photographs that suffer some kind of damage (pathology) which disturbs his documentary foundation and  disables  to “live” in a file. But, as with orchids cancer, the disease gives them an extraordinary plastic uniqueness. The only one explanation for the readers of these images on the cover is the original transposition of the book Sigmund Freud `s  “The Interpretation of dreams”  (1900) but with a slight conceptual intervention, “Traum” (dream) has been replace by “Trauma”. Fontcuberta has investigated  into differents asturians photo libraries to search for those patients in traumatic state . As the foundational work of psycolanalysis, the cover includes a poetic quote from The Aneid  by Virgilio “flectere if nequeo superos, movebo Acheronta" (If I can not persuade the gods of heaven, I will move to the Hells)

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