Suda Issei . Boso Fudoki - Signed

w21.6 x h28 cm / 32 Pages(double gatefold page included) / 42 Images(b/w) / Softcover (hand-sewn) / Doubletone Offset / Limited edition of 900 / (choice between 3 different front cover, each covers are limited of 300 copies) / Published in 2015 /

Nearly three years after I moved to the countryside beside the Sotobo rail line, it occurred to me that some of the sightseeing spots I used to visit as a tourist are now within the scope of my daily life. The places of legends and dreams are so close to me. I found myself wanting to document these landscapes that tend to be overlooked in our everyday lives and this idea became the origin of Boso Fudoki. Fifteen years have passed since then. The colors of these Polaroid prints are fading year after year but this book of photographs will prolong the life of the original imagery that is vanishing.

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