Templeton Ed . Teenage Smokers 2

w18.8 x h19.9 cm / 96 Pages / 81 Images(b/w) / 52 images(color) / Hardcover / Screen print(cover) / Doubletone & Fullcolor Offset / Text by Aron Rose, Ed Templeton / First edition of 1000 / published by Super Labo /

Teenage Smokers 2 starts off from where the original book ends. Many are images that could not fit into the original book (Teenage Smokers, published 1999, Alleged Press) because that book was only 36 pages. None of the photos from the original book are in this book because I wanted to keep the integrity of the original book intact. The idea for this book sprang from finding the original boxes of Polaroid’s that started this whole series, shot in 1994 at my local skateboard park in Huntington Beach, California. The photos in this book are a continuation of that series that I have been shooting non-stop since ‘94 to the present. All photos are shot on film.

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