CAÑAMERAS ADRIÀ . oui oui la famille - signed

Edited by Superávit / 2016 / 215 mm x 280 mm / 124 pages-98 photographs, color and BW / Hardcover / Edition of 500 copies all numbered /

The mysterious power that the family has to define our lives. It might be this factor that determines our meta-experience and that bring us closer to this personal paradox. In this collection, we describe in detail how secrets are created and how influence us, beside of the risks that we take when we dig deeply into them.

We expect to provoke an unique reflection through the view of different artist and the graphic way that they describe their lives.

Our first book "oui oui la famille" by Adriá Cañameras is divided in two groups.

Firstly, inexperienced polaroid pictures taken by Adriá when he was 6 (1994-1995) with the camera of his dad Pep, where he shows a pure and straightforward environment, timeless, where nothing's going on but everything is latent. Then, it follows with a group of pictures taken between 2005 and 2015, where that universe is expanded and developed. That's the free Mediterranean family, full of life, complex, singular, without the boundaries and taboos from its context.

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