Daifu Motoyuki + Cobayashi Kenta . Two Perspectives On Tokyo (Tokyo 2015)

Set of 2 zines, 148mm x 210mm, 28pages each / Softcover / Limited Edition of 100 /

'Two Perspectives on Tokyo' is a zine series exploring the theme of "Tokyo" as viewed through the lenses of two photographers.

Motoyuki Daifu's work to date has predominantly depicted his family and girlfriend as the subjects of snapshots, exhibited in galleries and numerous photobooks. Likewise, Kenta Cobayashi photographs the young generation of friends and fellow artists residing with him in a Shibuya share-house, regularly uploading his work in blog and guerrilla-esque zine form.

The present publication represents fragments of Tokyo in 2015, as encountered in daily life by two photographers based in the heart of the sprawling metropolis.

SIGNED copies by both artist

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