Bramly Sophie . Walk This Way

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You had to be a renegade those days
To take a man on the dance floor
Afrika Bambaataa – Renegades of Funk ( 12’’ vocal version)

In 1981, French photographer Sophie Bramly, moved to New-York and
quickly dropped her job as a correspondant for the French medias
to spend her entire time witnessing the early days of Hip-Hop in the
Bronx. She took photographs of legends such as Afrika Bambaataa,
Grand Master Flash, the Beastie Boys, Futura 2000, Keith Haring or
the Rock Steady Crew in their most intimate moments, at home with
their parents, backstage, or wherever they would appear the most
sensitive, touching, moving.

«It was unclear then that this handful of initially rejected teenagers
would create a culture so complete and flabbergasting that it
would become a way of life for people all around the world. They
were bringing elegance, sensitivity, high energy and freedom to a
devastated landscape. Sophie photographed them relentlessly for 4
years, recording the way they staged themselves, payed attention to
self-representation and what hid behind.»

Thirty years later, on the road from their homes to the stage «Walk
this way» reminds us the authenticity of the Hip-Hop mouvement,
its roots, and the generosity of its magnificently dazzling pioneers. /
Julien Frydman /

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