Knopova Vendula . Tutorial - signed copy

Edition of 300 / Paperback binding with foil cover / 32,5 x 22,5 cm / 112 pages / 67 images / Offset / Fat Matt 1.3 Ivory 300g

"My mum is called Lenka. She is a completely normal mum and casual user of a digital camera. It’s sometimes enough to just remember certain moments, especially the less important ones. I am Vendula and I belong to the folder Big Kids. My role is a siblings’ icon and a black sheep. But most of all I am an independent observer who remixes the final collection with situational shots. I have got 3 sisters and 3 brothers and we all live in solitary house in countryside. We don’t have a Tesco club card and Coca-Cola is only bought on medical prescription." - Vendula Knopova

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