Delbrouck Vincent . Dzogchen - Signed Copy

Limited edition of 500 copies / 240 x 320 mm (9,4 x 12,6“) / 80 pages, softcover / Offset color printing on Papyrus Original Gmund Tactile Cream paper /

This book is PART 3 of The Himalayan Project, a collection of artist’s books designed with Koeune as different installations, embracing the city of Kathmandu. Dzogchen by Vincent Delbrouck is a colourful, dense and challenging photo book, mixing collages and layers of images with no hierarchy between pictures, no pre-conceived idea of new graphic design made on the computer.

"Each spread of the book was conceived as a different painting, a short story, a fragment of a holy object close from literature I have in mind and the essence of nature. It is round and exciting, full of surprises and echoes. You can hear the song of a bird in it. It is my offering to the wind and the mountains" (V.D.)

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