Sancari Mariela . Moisés - sold out

Pages: 64 / Year: 2015 / Publisher: La Fabrica / Size: 19 x 27 cm / English /

Mariela Sancari (Argentina, 1976) was fourteen years old when her father died. Neither she nor her twin sister was prepared for such a sudden and unnatural death. Nor did they have the possibility to see their father’s body for a last time in order to assimilate his physical absence. As a form of healing this loss and using photography as a tool, she began to facet his part of her personal history, firstly with the series The Horse with Two Heads and then with Moisés, with which she won the PHotoEspaña Discoveries Award in 2014. 

In this work she metaphorically seeks her father through portraits of men similar physically and in age to what he would be now. In 2013, with a grant from the Mexican government (FONCA-CONACYT), she returned to Buenos Aires to begin this project. The starting point was a “Wanted” advert with the portrait of her father in which she asked for the participation of men with the same physical appearance as the man in the photograph. She published this in the newspapers, posted it around the town and set up her photography studio in a square where she played when she was a little girl so as to carry out a work marked out by the absence of the father figure.

Press: The Guardian