Rozovsky Irina . Island in my Mind - Special Edition

English, Spanish / 102 Pages / 20 × 27 cm / Ringbound / May 2015 / limited edition of 100 numbered and signed copies, arranged in a customized cigar box/

The photographer Irina Rozovsky grew up in Russia before moving to the United States with her parents as an 8-year-old. She was shaped by the memory of her childhood under the Soviet regime. She knows from experience how much political and social factors shape the conditions in which people live. She travels with the camera above all to countries where everyday life is often overshadowed by preconceived, stereotypical clichés as regards nationality, race and religion. This is where she has set out to capture moments of silence and to be up close for a moment to the urban vitality of a country and its inhabitants. In this way the photographer manages to build in her works a subtle and open-ended narrative structure. After several highly regarded photo series on stays in Israel, Irina Rozovsky travelled to Cuba in 2012. "Island in my mind" emerged from that material. The project received the first prize in the Dummy Awards at the Kassler Photo Book Festival in 2014. As a cooperating partner of the Festival, Kettler has included the publication in its programme.

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