Barabancea Mihai . Overriding Sequence - signed copy

256 pages offset color / 119 photographs / size 16×21 cm / Romanian/English / Edition: 500 copies

"What is Mihai Barabancea therefore looking for? Could his camera represent a Diogene´s lamp glowing in the midday to encounter a man? Why not? This is precisely what I think he is, agonistic just as the legendary Cynic of the ancient. Mihai Barabancea is looking not so much for the Man as for a man, for people and possibly particularly through man and in man, he is looking for what constitutes and reconstitutes humanity, the essential  resort of man´s humanity, even for its outcasts. And what would this essential resort be according to the artist´s vision, projection, and photographic research?" - Bogdan Ghiu