Twin Palms Publishers / 2004 / 60 pp./ 25 duotone plates./ 9x9 inches

"During the sugar cane harvesting of 1983, while I was photographing along the Mississippi River, I would often pass an isolated house. The subtle signs of a presence were finally confirmed one day when I noticed smoke coming from the chimney. It was not until the harvesting of the following year that I met the inhabitant of the house, Polly Joseph. As she walked along the side of her house, I was awestruck by the sight of her; her face was old but magnificent and she held her body regally. I stopped to talk to her that afternoon, and from that day forward I photographed her many times. I have spent a great deal of time thinking and dreaming of her, captured by her as it were. Our friendship was characterized by warmth and affection and shrouded in the dimness of her home."-Debbie Fleming Caffery. A powerful, longterm project finally in book form. 

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