Sewcz Maria . inter esse - signed copy

Hardcover, Clothbound / 80 Pages / 35 Images / 24 x 30 cm / first edition 2014 / german - english / Text by Inka Schube / signed copy!

As a young photographer Maria Sewcz created a series of radical photographs of Berlin’s east side. The Reichstag, Rathaus, Alexanderplatz, Thälmann Memorial and the border with the west marked the limits of her urban topography. Made from 1985 to 1987, these bold images capture a cold and irreconcilable rage with the status quo at this period of transition.

inter esse is a Berlin tale in which recent German history finds expression. Expressed in dynamic movements through constant changes of perspective, the story has no interest in subordinating one individual’s perception to so-called “historical necessities”. ( Publisher )

link to a text by Brit Salvesen ( Aperture )

link to a text by Inka Schube ( German only )


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