Cases Ricardo . Paloma al aire - signed copy

2014 / Selfpublished / Cardboard cover, wire binded / 75 pages / 21 x 15 cm/ SECOND EDITION /

Ricardo Cases' third photobook deals with an unusual subject: the practice of pigeon racing in the Spanish regions of Valencia and Murcia, a game consisting of releasing one female pigeon and dozens of male pigeons that chase her trying to get her attention. None of them ever gets too intimate, but the winner is the one that spends the most time close to her. The winner is not the most athletic, the toughest or the purest in breed but the more courteous, the one showing more constancy and having the strongest reproductive instinct. The macho.  

The second edition presents two changes: a picture has been replaced for the following one in a sequence and the back cover features now the names of a new range of competing ‘palomos’. Only number 10 (Carmen Marín, Ricardo’s mother’s, to whom the first edition was dedicated) remains unchanged. Number 19 in the list reads Víctor Galdú Clemente, a pigeon racing referee recently deceased to whom Ricardo dedicates the present edition.