Samson Jonah . Dead Man's Hand - Signed Copy

Self-published / 2013 / 26 pp. / 20 color illustrations / 25,5 x 20,5 cm / Edition of 200 / Housed in a Hand made Linen Box /

While visibly alluding to the film noir genre, Dead Man's Hand is a series of photographs and collected ephemera that reference the artist's fascination with photographic history from the middle of the 20th century, particularly crime photography and pin-ups. The images are fictions, painstakingly crafted as scale-models, then carefully lit and photographed in the studio. In order to lend a feeling of authenticity, the artist photographed the sets with a vintage Speed Graflex camera, the same 4x5 camera that was used by press photographers at the time. The original photographs were then manually altered to appear as actually press photos, with painted edits and crop marks. The additional content in the book are found 'pin-ups' and actual clippings from vintage detective magazines.

The text of the book is a piece of fiction written by Sheila Heti, which is presented as a type-written letter. The book is housed in a hand-made linen box, and was produced in an edition of 200.

Signed Copy!!!

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