Teshaieva Mila . Promising Waters - Special Edition

Edition of 75 / Book including 2 Prints / 3 sets to choose ( see images ) / book size: 24 x 22 cm / 120 pages / 52 color images / English / Design: Ania Nałecka /

Edition of 75

Signed, numbered and stamped book with two signed, numbered and stamped prints 8.3"x 11,8" (297x210mm). Archival pigment prints on Harman by Hahnemühle 300gsm Matt Cotton Smooth paper.
Choice of three sets of prints - each print edition of 25. All is haused in a custom designed handmade box.

»Everything is great on the Caspian Sea: the expectations for future oil and gas revenues, ambitious development projects, promises and hopes. Everything is uncertain on the Caspian Sea: the fate of the environment and the direction of its people; even the status of these promising waters is as yet undefined…« Christoph Moeskes


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