Ruka Inta . People I Know

Hardcover / 242 pages / 29,7 cm x 31,4 cm / 150 B/W Images / Text by Ute Eskildsen / Edited by Lars Tunbjörk / Design Patric Leo / 2012 Max Ström

Inta Ruka is one of Latvia's most famous photographers, and she portrays her countrymen with a curiosity , honesty and mutual trust that makes her pictures exceptionally realistic .

This is the first time her images are collected in a large retrospective book. This monograph includes the three major photographic projects she has worked with since 1970 : My Country People , People I Happened to Meet and Amalia Street 5a.

Ute Eskildsen , curator and head of the photographic museum in Essen, has written an essay that describes Ruka's background and artistry.

Lars Tunbjörk , personal friend and photographic colleague , has teamed up with designer Patric Leo and made ​​the selection of the photos for the book .

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