Sassen Viviane . PIKIN SLEE - signed copy -

Hardcover / 120 pages / 24x28 cm / 60 colour illustrations, 50 b/w illustrations / Publication 29 of April / First edition / SIGNED!

The photographer visits in 2012 a village called Pikin Slee. It is a place almost completely secluded from civilization, on the upper reaches of the Suriname River, in the rain forest of the South American Republic of Suriname. Sassen was deeply impressed by the simple lifestyle of almost 4,000 inhabitants, belonging to the majority ethnic group of Saramaccaner, the descendants originating from West Africa, escaped slaves. The villagers still live like their ancestors in perfect harmony with nature. The photographer has interpreted their lifestyle in as tightly composed and poetic black-and-white photographs. She has captured the simple, sculptural beauty that results from the interaction of seemingly banal everyday objects amidst an overwhelming nature.

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