Simoneau Guillaume . Love and War

Clothbound hardback/ 80 pages / 38 colour plates / 210mm x 295mm / ISBN: 978-1-907893-38-4

Love and War contains a large number of portraits of a young woman, Caroline Annandale. The photographer, we are told in the beginning essay, met Annandale at the Maine Photographic Workshops in 2000, and they fell in love. Most of the portraits are from around 2008. In these eight years, Annandale enlisted in the US military, and she spent time in Iraq. She also married another man (this we learn from a print-out of an email to the photographer, a photograph of which is included in the book). What happened to that man – or the marriage – we don’t know. How and why Simoneau and Annandale reconnected we also aren’t told, not that it matters.

from Colberg

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