Küenzi David . Zustandsaufnahme

1. Edition 2013/ With texts by Patrick Schrag/ Design Daniel Egli, Adam Thompson/ Hardcover/ 296 pages,/187 color images/ 29.5 × 21.5 cm/ ISBN: 978-3-905929-35-5 /

This book provides a glimpse into the archive of status assessment photos that David Küenzi took for the city of Zurich over a period of several years. The Debt Enforcement Registry of the city of Zurich 6 issues an certified report commis- sioned by the owner or builder of real estate or property that is to be converted, renovated or torn down, or when construction of a new building is planned. The report includes a status assessment of pre-existing structural damage (cracks, chipping, etc.) that consists of a text summary and photographic documentation. The municipal office is obligated to work with professional freelance photogra- phers. Here, Küenzi’s docu- mentation of the various kinds of cracks is presented in a very different context, that of an artistic book. What began as a mere functional document evolved into an independent image of unfathomable beauty. At times the photographs recall abstract paintings; others seem to allude to the rather distur- bing obsessive orderliness of the Swiss. In the Edition Patrick Frey, Zustandsauf- nahme joins the series of photogrphic research projects on buildings, architecture and artistic examinations of archives.

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