Delbrouck Vincent . As dust alights - Special edition

Special Collector's Edition w/ 1 Print: 30 collector's copies coming with a A4 C-print (ed.80) of "Roofplants", all slipped into a very special and beautiful silk Tibetan book-pouch with a "V.D." in red color tape stuck to it

V.D. meets the Zen! This book is PART 1 of The Himalayan Project, a collection of artist's books made by V.D. as different installations, embracing the city of Kathmandu (where he lived with his small family) and the nature of the Himalayas, with a strong empathy. This is pure energy.

“This is not documentary. It is much more exciting to see this book as a cinematic haiku, or a photographic and poetic short story, amazed by the intensity and grace of the moment, far beyond memory. Photography has many interesting links with literature, to observe, describe and depict. The recently deceased American photographer Larry Sultan compared his own practice as a photographer with this of Raymond Carver whose short stories had his admiration: ‘You think, “he’s seen this,” but he’s taking that moment of observation and letting it go, giving it some wings, following it, rather than nailing it. You’re riffing off of reality.’ ”
Inge Henneman (curator and editor at DWB poetry magazine)

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