Sassen Viviane . Roxane - SOLD OUT

76 pages / 43 photographs / 20.5 x 28.2 cm / Bronze foilblocked clothbound hardcover / First edition – Nov 2012 / Signed copy!

‘Roxane’ is a visual journal intime by photographer Viviane Sassen. Roxane’s body and expressions follow the artist’s direction in a sequence of poses and moods collected over a number of years. The viewer is offered a glimpse of Sassen’s creative process through the relationship between the photographer and her muse.

( by the publisher )

excerpt from Huise Marseille interview with Roxane Danset .

Nanda van den Berg: Tell me about it: how did the series and the book about you come about? How do you get to know Viviane?

"Roxane Danset: Of course, Viviane has always been a very strong image in my mind because she’s been working in fashion for a while and her images were always striking. I have always been working in fashion, since I was 19. Viviane was considered one of the ‘artist photographers’, more so than a fashion photographer. Which we could come back to... read more 

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