van der Burg Jan-Dirk . Olifantenpaadjes / Desire Lines

2011 / Self-published, Amsterdam / Additional contributor: Maarten ‘t Hart / Design: Erik Kessels / Editor: Erik Kessels / third printing / Softcover / 23 x 20 com / 164 pp / 4 color Offset / Silk paper / Name of printer: Rob Stolk / 77 pictures

In the Netherlands they call a fork in the road, “Olifantenpaadjes” which (sometimes literally) translates to “Elephant path.” It’s a path that slowly comes into existence when people always try to take the same shortcut. Man is always the shortest way from A to B. Urban planners and city planners often want different paths. But why is this? Elephant Paths is an optimistic indictment of a scenic abuse.

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