Stomps Niels . 83 DAYS OF DARKNESS

15,33 x 24 cm portrait format, Number of pages: 100, Photographed in five Chapters with a total of circa 70 photographs, Lining/Finishing: Sewn/Stitched in soft cover + flaps, Language: English/ Selpublished in colaboration with Kominek / Graphic Design: -SYB-, Den Haag, Edition of 750 copies / Signed! / Signiert!

Every winter between 11 November and 2 February the sun fails to rise above the slopes of the Alps leaving the North Italian village of Viganella completely in shadow during this period of the year. This village which is situated at the end of a narrow valley beside an 80-kilometer road that extends to the Swiss Alps is suffering from an exodus of its population. Only the center of town is left inhabited.
Therefore a large computer-operated mirror has been erected some 500 meters up the slope above the village just to reflect the sunlight onto the village for some seven hours a day.
In the mountain regions old laws have always reigned relations between man and nature. But now it is man that wants to prevail over it all. Working the hardest rocks or climbing the highest heights

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