Turunen Pekka . Edition Print Eero Kurvinen Naarv Ilomantsi

Edition Print size 35 x 42 cm. Ed. of 20 + 2 Ap. archive pigment ink on archive paper. signed and numbered

From the series Against the wall, environmental portraits from the finish countryside.

The book "Against the wall" is probably one of the best docmentary photobooks published in the last decades.Turunens portraits give always a warm and respectfull feeling even if the reality shown in the pictures is a quite hard one and full of isolation or sometimes insanity.But also those pictures can provoke a smile on the spectators face.They are simple and unpretentious and they dont push the subjects in any role or signification.You can see them as freaks but at the same time as fragile human beings and the pictures achieve to transport something simple and honest.

Pekka Turunes pictures combine perfectly a sense for good documentary photography, they transmit a lot of information but at the same time they are emotional and show the photographers intend to go out and find at least for him self about the world that surrounds him.Greetings from Finland


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