YTK . 100 Bilder Special Edition

100 illustrations / 24 x 30 cm / Softcover / 112pp / Edition of 100 copies / each copy includes a different c-print by YOKOTA-TAKIZAWA-KAMETANI / II Residency /

Hallucinatory flashes of the Berlin underworld permeate through the pages of this collective work by Japanese artists Daisuke Yokota,Yoshi Kametani and Hiroshi Takizawa. A collaboration of night work in a city that never sleeps; the photographers pass like ghosts through all manner of places; forests, strip clubs, industrial estates, parking lots and darkened streets. Utilising a variety of different techniques they present a fresh perspective of the metropolis.

All photos taken in Berlin during the Kominek Books residency program 2016.

Daisuke Yokota,Yoshi Kametani and Hiroshi Takizawa

Each C-print is in an edition of 1+1AP

total of 100 prints

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